STUDIO LOG 4-21-18 ⚜️



Sitting here in our SAINTinLA studio in Sun Valley starting the mix of the fifth track on “finding beauty in chaos’.   The record will have 13 songs on it ... so we are not yet half way finished.   Trying to not succumb to my own impatience and to release an EP.   I set out to do what in ‘vinyl terms’ amounts to a double album.  A challenging listen I know, but the teenager that I still usually find alive and well in me wants to throat punch today’s way people listen to and buy music!

As my partner in chaos, Michael Rozon delvez into the sonic nuances of ‘beauty lies within’ right now... I’m thrilled to see social media posts today ; Record Store Day, of lines of people waiting to get into stores to not only BUY music but excited about music.  That certainly gives me hope that all is not lost in the vast wasteland of Apple Music and Spotify. 

Coincidentally I have spent this week moving my old stereo complete with a turntable, CD and Cassette player out of the garage to front and center in our living room.  Can’t wait to hear some of my favorite records blare thru my vintage Bose 501s!   I even ordered some vinyl and CDs today and plan to hit a local record store tomorrow.  I’ve decided I want The Cure’s “Disintegration” to christen the ‘new’ system, followed by The Mission’s ‘God’s Own Medicine’.    

Back to BIC, I’m thrilled with what I hear through the speakers today, as I’ve not heard this song for a few months.   And as always, in awe of watching and listening to Mr. Rozon work.   I’m truly excited about what we have created here and can’t wait to share ....

MC ⚜️

Michael Ciravolo