MONDAY Q&A 3/5/18


Q: First I want to say that I really enjoy your new web site. It is very visual and give me a great insight into BEAUTY IN CHAOS. Very beautiful photographs too. I see all of the people you have on this record, which are very different singers. How will all of this work together? Sorry for my English …

A: Well thank you for you kind words on our web site. The credit for the design goes to Tim and Dave from NOT THAT, THIS designs. Great guys that have really worked hard to delve into what I see as BEAUTY IN CHAOS. I am blessed to have some great friends that are also amazing photographers that have allowed be to use their work when I see a photo that strikes me. Lots more of those to come. Regarding the different singers and how this will all 'fit' as a cohesive work … great question btw! I purposed did not set out to make a simple 'goth or darkwave' record even though I have some artists that are very popular in that genre'. The 'chaos' part of this record was always meant to have 'heavier' harsher songs. I guess on paper having a record with Wayne Hussey, Johnny Indovina, Michael Aston and Ashton Nyte … and also Robin Zander, AL Jourgensen and dUg Pinnick is a bit 'odd' to say the least. Even odder I guess when you look at Cheap Trick, Ministry, The Mission and Human Drama combined! As I get to hear some of the first rough mixes and how Michael Rozon and I will run the track order … I am confident it will make sense and be cohesive in the end. Beauty AND Chaos!!!

Michael Ciravolo