MONDAY Q&A 3/12/18



Q:  I do enjoy your guitar playing very much, and I have read that you mention Mick Ronson and Johnny Thunders as your two guitar heroes.  Can you please tell me some others including some that maybe some would not expect you to like?


A:  Thank you for your kind words, and I certainly don’t view myself in the same league as these guitars.  Besides Ronson and Thunders, I also think both Robert Smith and Wayne Hussey are excellent and underrated as guitarists.  As far as other players… always loved John Ashton’s playing in the Psychedelic Furs and Brian James with The Lords Of The New Church.  Neither technically great.. but amazing parts and sounds which is far more important to me than technical proficiency .  As far as some different players that someone might not expect to be something that his influenced me ….   Hummm; David Gilmour, The Edge, Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), and Jimmy Page.   Ohh.. I also love Porl Thompson’s playing with The Cure also. 


Michael Ciravolo