MONDAY MC Q&A 3/26/18

Q:  I read about your ‘re-envision’ release?  Can you tell me about it and if it is available ?


A:  Sorry if I confused anyone regarding this.  I probably spoke early on this concept.  It is not yet available, and we will be finishing ‘finding beauty in chaos’ first.  The ‘re-envisioned’ release will certainly be after the main record.  My idea on this is to have some different versions and mixes some of the songs.  It is actually underway, as Tim Palmer has completed his mix versions of ‘Man Of Faith’ and ‘The Long Goodbye’, both featuring The Mission’s Wayne Hussey on vocals.  He has alluded that he may be up for an additional mix of one of the songs co-written with Ashton NyteJohn Fryer (of 4AD fame) also has mixed ‘I Will Follow You’ (with Evi Vine).  He is doing a second mix of this beautiful song .. even more space.   One of these will surely be on this record.  MGT’s Mark Gemini Thwaite will also be doing a full-blown dance club industrial-fused remix of one of the tracks.  It is certainly any evolving concept, as Michael Rozon and I are pushing forward with the main album mixes.  ‘beauty re-envisioned’ will also contain a few ‘acoustic’ versions and quite possibly a bonus track not included on the main record.  Our goal is for ‘finding beauty in chaos’ to be available late July and ‘beauty re-envisioned’ around Christmas.  Hope this clears up the confusion of me speaking too soon!

Michael Ciravolo