MONDAY MC Q&A 3/19/18


Q:  Since becoming a fan of what I hear you post of BEAUTY IN CHAOS (I am a big Mission UK fan), I researched you I and noticed you produced some other bands including SHADOW PROJECT.  I want to know if you will produce your record?

A: No, I think my days of flying ProTools to that extent are over!  Honestly, I am blessed that MICHAEL ROZON will be producing the ‘finding beauty in chaos’ album.  He’s also doing all of the recording and mixing too.  It’s certainly not that I don’t have input and strong opinions … which is only of the big reasons I decided to do this J   He certainly understands what I am going for here and I trust him beyond words.  His skills in both mixing and producing .. which are both different yet intertwined roles are simply world-class.  I certainly view him as part of BIC.

I also plan a follow-up release, ‘beauty re-envisioned’, which some friends who are also amazing mixers will do their vision of some of the songs, with free reign to add or subtract instrumentation and arrangements.  TIM PALMER and JOHN FRYER.. both whose mix and production I absolutely love will be part of these.  There will also be a few more ‘surprises’ !

Michael Ciravolo