MONDAY Q&A 12/3/18

Q: I just received my vinyl copy of ‘finding beauty in chaos’ and I must say I love the way it sounds and how it looks. I guess you could say I’m old school! I wanted to ask what is the idea behind ‘sides black’ and ‘sides white’ ?

A: First, thank you for ordering the vinyl and God Bless the USPS as we just put them in the mail late Friday night! As for as the concept behind the two colors and the ‘black sides’ and ‘white sides’ … this double album is exactly how I wanted this record to be heard. That said, I am certainly aware that 80 minutes of music is a long ‘sit down listen’ for most people. When Michael (Rozon, BIC Producer) and I started to look at the running order of the songs, and the time-limitations on a single side of a 12” 33.3 album I tried to break the album up into what could be 2 ‘shorter listen’s. From the beginning I knew I wanted ‘Road To Rosario’ as the album’s opener and ‘FBIC’ as the closing track, so it was filling in the songs to fit the flow or journey in-between. The black album (which is pressed to look like cabernet) has more of the sonically heavier songs, while the white record has the more somber sounding sonics. Hopefully each record, and really each of the 4-sides evokes a certain ‘mood’ or ‘feeling’. That was my ultimate goal in presenting it this way. It is also the second nod to my love of early Queen records … this particualy to Queen-II. MC x

Michael Ciravolo