MONDAY Q&A 11/5/18


Q:  I am really enjoying your album with so many different and great singers, I wanted to ask how you plan to top it on future albums?


A:  First, thank you!  As far as topping FBIC, I certainly don’t look at it that way.  I think we created something really special with this album, and launched BEAUTY IN CHAOS as an evolving (revolving) entity that I think can certainly have longevity.  At least that is my hope.  Our second release will be ‘beauty re-envisioned’, which is certainly picking up steam as some additional artists and mixers have approached us to be part of this record.  I guess you question is probably directed more towards what would  be our third record. (current working title of BIC3 btw).  I do know I want to be different than FBIC, with its own set of imposed limitations … and not some of the limitations I placed on FBIC.  Meaning, I will probably have some other guitarists involved, and probably ‘allow’ synths on this one! ☺   I do like the idea of pulling in singers and players that may have not been on a record together before, and even more so taking artists slightly outside of their ‘comfort zone’.  While FBIC was a massively ‘sense’ sonic record, I am thinking that BIC3 will be more sparse; at least that’s where the first few demo ideas seem to be taking me.  We will see where it evolves, as there is still a lot to do with FBIC and the remix record! I do feel that with the great reception this record and the entire BIC concept has received, that some other singers will be receptive to being part of .. sort of a modern day This Mortal Coil or Pigface. MC x

Michael Ciravolo