BIC BLOG 11/3/18

While not quite as whirlwind as last week, still lots happening in BIC world…

After playing guitar ‘professionally’ for a better part of my life, I just did my first 2 interviews ever with guitar magazines! GUITAR WORLD and GUITAR CLUB (Italy) both graciously took the time to talk to me about this record and the gear used. We will post as soon as these are released.

We also added a PRESS ROOM to our web site which will archive some of the great articles ; including REGEN MAGAZINE’s interview and review.

We just saw the first edit of our ‘LOOK UP’ video this morning and it is exactly what we were going for! Fantastic woking again with Vicente Cordero and his Industrialism Films crew.. and Tish looks absolutley fantastic! The video should premiere very soon…

Our ‘Beauty Re-Envisoned’ project is picking up steam as several more tracks are being remixed. We have also talked about supporting this mid-March 2019 release with one or more videos. I have been pushing Michael Rozon to do a deconstructed/reconstructed version of “I Will Follow You’ … and I have been privy to hear where he’s taking it with his haunting pedal steel and Evi Vines amazing voice. Stunning is an understatment . Looking forward to this record too…. MC x

Michael Ciravolo