MONDAY Q&A 11/12/18

Q:   I just received my CD of ‘finding beauty in chaos’ which I am really enjoying.  Can you tell me what the liner note ‘No animal harmed and no synthesizers used in the making of this album’ mean?


A:   I am thrilled you like the record, that certainly means the world to me.  As for the liner note, I’m glad you caught that as I am not sure how many notice or read that stuff (sadly) anymore.  The part about animals is simply my nod to being a vegetarian and that animal rights are really important to my family and I.  The ‘no synthesizers used’ is something that has always stuck with me since I was a teenager and reading the notes on the early Queen records.   We did go into the recording this album with the self-imposed ‘limitation’ of not using any synths or keyboards … instead relying on my electric guitars and a wide array of pedals and other manipulation devices to create all of the textures heard on FBIC.  I think Michael Rozon and I did an admirable job with this, as I think many would think the sounds heard on Memory Of Love’, ‘The Long Goodbye’ and ‘Look Up’ to name a few songs are certainly keyboards … but I promise you they are not!  That said, ‘beauty re-envisioned’ and the following new BIC record will not be subject to this ‘rule’ … but I’m sure I’ll find another limitation that will push the creativeity envelope!!! MC x

Michael Ciravolo