Thank you


photo courtesy of Blanca Schnobrich


In addition to the brilliant artists who gave their talent and time, we would also like to thank the following people and companies for helping make this record possible…


Tim Perry and David Ehlers / Not That, This (

These two gentlemen are responsible for the creation of this amazing website that you are looking at!


Schecter Guitar Research  (

Best guitars on the planet and other than my Jerry Jones Electric Sitar, Veillette Baritone 12sting, and Johnny’s old Ovation acoustic 12;  the 100s of guitar and bass tracks on this record are ALL Schecter!


Matt Dodge / Slate Digital

Simply fantastic effect plug-ins that are all over every mix on this record.  Matt was even kind enough to provide the amazing Slate effects to Wayne Hussey, Ashton Nyte, and to Ministry main-man Al Jourgensen.


Dan Cohen / Universal Audio

The UA cards greatly enhanced the capibility of our old proTools system … allowing us way more creative freedom.  Their plug-ins are simply world-class.


Chicco Bellini / Gurus

Their glorious Echo-Sex delay pedal was on most of my electric guitar tracks recorded on this record.  The Double-Decker overdrive also got lots of track time!  Great pedals.


David Koltai / Supro

Dave was kind enough to send me 5 different Supro combo amps and a few speaker cabinets. 90% of the guitar tracks on this album where recorded thru various Supro gear!


Robert Keeley  / Keeley Electronics

Robert’s pedals are so inspiring.  The Loomer, Darkside, Oxblood among others are mainstays on the pedalboards I put together to track with!


Martin Greenfield / Roland and Boss

The BluesCube combo, along with several new Boss effects where added late in the process, but certainly got used.  Hell .. we even dusted off my old JC-120 for a track or two!


Alan Chaput / Eventide

MR and I have 3 vintage H3000 units between us, but we also got a bunch of the new Eventide plug-ins… which are on every mix!  The stellar H9 pedal with its ‘shimmer’ patch lived on my main tracking board for the entire record!


Aaron Kipness  / Gizmotron   

Very creative and innovative device that helped us immensely to follow my self-imposed ‘no keyboards’ rule!


Josh Scott / JHS Pedals      

Josh was kind enough to get us a pair of his new just released 500 Series Color Box and Pulp n’ Peel units.   Some great stuff came out of these units!   Their muffuletta 6-way muff helped with lots of the guitar tracks too!

We would also like to thank Greg Platzer, Rick Parent, Sarah Sheriff and Blanca Schnobrich for their amazing and inspiring photographs.  

Special Thanks to Mark Gemini Thwaite for introducing us to  Wayne Hussey and Ashton Nyte, both who became big parts of this record!