MONDAY Q&A 9/2/19 ⚜️

Q: We watched the new video with Rolan and Wayne, and its so good! It looks like you all had a great time making this. What was your favorite part?

A; I am so happy you enjoyed it. I really wanted it to have a an element of fun and glam … a throwback to the cool ‘70s TV movie shows. We made up our own fictional show ‘Airwaves’ ! As for favorite part? … wow, the entire process was a blast. Having Tish and I’s daughters do the hair and makeup was really special, as was watching Wayne grin eat-to-ear during the shoot. He said that being in a video with a Bolan was one off his bucket list! I really enjoy the beautiful chaos of the outro chorus when we all switch instruments. That part was all Wayne’s idea .. and there are some great shots there. The return of the horse-head guy (who was first seen in our ‘Look Up’ video) makes me laugh every time I see it! It really all just meant to be good fun and I know Rolan knew we all just wanted to honor his Dad. Having Rolan tell me he thought Marc would think this was great is the highest compliment ever!

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Michael Ciravolo