MONDAY Q&A 6/3/19

Q:  I read through the credits posted for the ‘beauty re-envisioned’ tracks and noticed there are several other people playing guitar.  How does this sit with you since it was very clear that you are the only guitarist on the first record ?


A:  Well I am thrilled you read the credits!  Lots of great people did some amazing work.  Being the only guitarist on FBIC was never about ego.  It was a result of some frustration I felt during the recording of the most recent Human Drama album.  I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it.  I am certainly blessed with some amazing guitarist friends that I do hope to bring into the BIC family as this evolves.  As far the added guitars on ‘beauty re-envisioned’, it is very cool to sit back and hear what others hear on the tracks.  There are some great added guitar parts on these remixes.  Zakk of course laid waste to the solo on ‘Un-Natural Disaster’.  A true guitar-hero doing his thing!  Alex from Ummagma and the guys from Sounds Of Sputnik certainly took the songs in a different direction, with some great parts.  I think the variation is the ‘beauty’ of this record.  Ashton Nyte did some really nice acoustic and electric guitars on the (almost) acoustic version of ‘Storm’.  I also get to scratch something off my bucket list … playing guitar with Wayne HusseyMark Thwaite did some sweet slide guitar on his ‘20th Century Boy’ remix. Least we no forget Tim Palmer, who is a really good guitarist in his own right.  His cool guitar additions to ‘Man Of Faith’ and ‘The Long Goodbye’ is actually the spark that led to this re-envisioned idea!. MC X

HEAR the sample bits mentioned in the question HERE.

Michael Ciravolo