'beauty re-envisioned' Spotlight: "The Long Goodbye" (Au Revoir) ft. Wayne Hussey

“I’ve always loved the way The Mission did orchestral and acoustic versions of some of their songs.  I was speaking to Wayne over a glass of wine when he was in Los Angeles about doing a version of ‘the long goodbye’ in the vein of ‘kingdom come’.  A few weeks after he returned to his home in Brazil he sent over a great piano/vocal sketch.  We had a dear friend’s daughter, Lola Bates re-record the grand piano at the famed Capital Studio. Michael Rozon wrote a beautiful delicately under-stated string arrangement which weaves in and out.  I even got to sneak in a few ‘gilmouresque’ guitar bits at the end.  I simply love this song and especially this version.  Wayne’s single vocal is so emotional and pleading.  I think the mark of a great song is how it stands this bare.” … Michael Ciravolo / Curator -BEAUTY IN CHAOS

Michael Ciravolo