A bit of elation and frustration this week …

First the frustration. With my partner in BIC, Michael Rozon working with MINISTRY on their new record, our studio time is more limited for the time being. Even though we have a big swatch of time this summer with Ministry touring Europe.. I still look at studio time as precious and have set a ‘goal’ of releasing a new EP before the end of this year. We ‘chased’ a new song idea I had for at least 6 hours before finally realizing that it just wasn’t going anywhere or at least not fitting with the other 2 tracks we have going. Somehow what started as dark and stark got a bit too ‘new wave’. Certainly nothing catastrophic, just this only happened one time during the writing of ‘finding beauty in chaos’. It just threw me a bit, so I’m back with guitar in hand today looking for songs 3 and 4. They will come :)

The ‘elation’ of the week (besides having BOTH daughters home!) is that we got the test-pressing of ‘beauty re-envisioned' and it sounds GREAT! We should have no issues having both CD and Vinyl ready to ship by our June 21st release date! If you have not pre-ordered your copy, please do so HERE.

There seems to be a bit of confusion, probably due to the 11 ‘bonus’ tracks. Here’s the 411. The vinyl (180g clear swirl) will have eight (8) songs (just over 42 minutes) . The CD will have 14 remixes (just under 80 minutes running time). The Deluxe Digital Version (only available through our on-line store) will have twenty-five (25) mixes. Also, when purchasing the Vinyl or CD from our store, you will also receive the Deluxe digital download. Hope this clears it up a bit. “beauty re-envisioned’ will be available thru normal outlets like iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby, but not with the bonus tracks. Yeah … we want you to buy it from us, as we really want 33.3 Music Collective to continue to be excited about pressing physical copies of future BIC !

With so many remixes, I’m sure some will question why something was or was not on the vinyl or CD. Again, the ‘bonus’ mixes are no less important than the others. We just did what we thought sounded best in running-order and did not feel we should follow-up FBIC with another double (or triple) record! Who knows, maybe the ‘bonus’ tracks get pressed on a special-run CD at some point.

In case you missed our ‘Wednesday’s Words’ post with Michael Rozon … you can read his words HERE about his simply stunning remix of ‘I Will Follow You’ featuring Evi Vine. Hear a bit …

Two funny moments this week too ….

I took our daughters to Target to get ‘things’ and I wandered through the ‘wine’ section … and low and behold, a vineyard seems to love BEAUTY IN CHAOS! Well, I had to buy a couple of bottles to ‘sample’ next time we are in studio if not sooner! Funny thing is that Tim and Dave from 33.3 are wine fanatics and oft talked about doing a short run of BIC wine. Well, it’s done for them now! (see pic below)

Also, Tish and I went to see Zakk Wylde perform with his Black Label Society at the El Ray Theatre in Hollywood. For those who don’t know him … not only is he a friend and a bad ass guitar hero, he did the blazing guitar solo on the Collide Remix of ‘Un-Natural Disaster’. You can see him in the video HERE. Okay, back to the story …. He set Tish and I up with great seats in the balcony over looking the stage. Well on his final song. he ended up in the balcony, on our table! (see pic below)

Finally, in honor of Memorial Day and out of respect for all who have served, I won’t be doing a Monday Q&A … back the following week. Til then, here’s a chat I had with Kate on her Hek82 Podcast.



Michael Ciravolo