BIC BLOG 4/6/19

A bit under the weather today, so please excuse any DayQuil-induced babble :)

We have started a soft-push on the pre-order of ‘beauty re-envisioned’. Just wanted to reiterate that this release will have 14 mixes on the CD, but if purchased through our BIC store, you will also get an additional 10 songs. We will be releasing the record on June 21st, but I will probably convince 33.3 Music Collective to at least send out the digital to all pre-orders earlier. :). You will also get an immediate download of 'The Ghost Mix’ of BLOODLESS AND FRAGILE. Pre-Order HERE.

Our ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ video has over 12K views in less than a week, so I think that is not bad! A real nice review of the track by Kevin Burke in Peek-A-Boo Magazine HERE.

Also, I did a short interview with Mr. Victoria Pearson and her Full Blast Music. Victoria was one of the first to take the time to speak with me on the release of 'FBIC’! Read the Q&A HERE.

We should be putting a track listing and some short audio clips of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ this week, so please look for that, as I think it will certainly give you an idea of just how diverse this album is.

Looking forward to working with Vicente Cordero (Industrialism Films) and Ashton Nyte on editing video for the (mostly) acoustic version of ‘STORM’. Are plan is to debut this video a few weeks before the album release.

Well off to the studio, fever and all! Michael Rozon is working again with Al Jourgensen on the next MINISTRY record, so we have to work when there is a break. I’m close to getting my home studio going, so I will be able to get more ideas going for the next BIC record. Excited!!



Michael Ciravolo