MONDAY MC Q&A 2/25/19

Q: I know you are releasing a re-mix album, but I wanted to ask when will there be new Beauty In Chaos material and will you follow a similar direction to the first record ?

A: Actually Michael Rozon and I were discussing this last night. Basically what we do next… and what ‘creative limitations’ we place on the creation of new BIC material, The next record will probably utilize synths and other guitarists … I’m just not sure to what degree. I still firmly believe that limitations can add to creativity. It certainly was to us on FBIC, as we had to work hard to accomplish the textures and orchestrations without the ease and convenience of synths. I’ve been wrapped up in finalizing ‘beauty re-envisioned’, but I have spent a bit of time on a few new song ideas. In my head, I would like to go a bit sparser sonically. FBIC was such a dense record, lots of layers, a am intrigued about what we can create going a bit starker. I think we will inject more ambient and electronic elements this time, maybe with the limitation of just how many tracks we allow ourselves to use. This would make each part more focused and developed. I am really just thinking aloud here. I know I certainly will not forsake the darker, brooding elements that is a big part of how I play and write. Again, BIC is a evolving entity, and I plan on widening our family on where we go next. Michael will be working again with MINISTRY on their next record, so we are trying to look at when we can work on new BIC material. I would like to have at least a new song or two out by Summer’s end. FBIC and our soon-to-be-released ‘beauty re-envisioned’ are big listens, ie: lots of material. Maybe the next will be singles or an EP. Still rattling around in my head a bit …


Michael Ciravolo