MONDAY MC Q&A 2/18/19

Q; I was surprised when I read that you were a fan of KISS! I don’t hear that at all in your playing style?

A: Ahh… you read that! Honestly I really liked their albums thru ‘Rock n’ Roll Over’. When I first picked up guitar, as a teen, I was certainly influenced by the bands I saw on the late night TV shows like ‘Rock Concert’ and ‘The Midnight Special’, Those shows not only introduced me to Bowie, T. Rex and Slade, but also Alice Cooper, The New York Dolls and Kiss. I was really into the theatrics and makeup all of those bands brought. While some of my teenage guitar friends played Zepplin, Yes and stuff like that … I was musically ‘stunted’ I guess by the glam and shock stuff! While KISS has not really stood the test of time to the level that some of my other early influences did, I think Ace Frehley’s guitar style, along with Ronson and Johnny Thunders certainly influenced me.. even to this day. To me, they all ‘say’ more with one note than many guitar virtuosos. Ronson’s solo on ‘Moonage Daydream’ and Ace’s ‘100,00 Years’ solo are both amazing to me.

Michael Ciravolo