MONDAY MC Q&A 2/11/19

Q:  Hi, I am a fan of your guitar playing and have seen you play many times with GENE LOVES JEZEBEL and HUMAN DRAMA,  Do you have any plans to play shows or record with these bands in the future?

A:  Thank you for your kind words.  As of now, no real plans to be involved with either band.  I played on Human Drama’s last studio record, but it is pretty evident that we have grown way apart musically, so while I rarely say ‘never’, I don’t really see us working together again.  Sad, but shit happens. As for GLJ, I honestly have no clue where Michael Aston is at with it right now.   The last line-up I saw that he put one stage had his son playing trombone.  GLJ is certainly his band, but as my time commitments become more pressing … with being a husband and a father always taking priority, I have to be more selective about what and why I do things with my time.  I actually will see Michael tomorrow night in my studio, as he and Michael Rozon will be doing a remix of ‘Road To Rosario’ for inclusion on ‘‘beauty re-envisioned’’ .  There have certainly been some trying situations, but I do enjoy playing live.  I guess we will see what transpires.  I know I am extremely excited about writing and recording the next BEAUTY IN CHAOS record, as I enjoy my role as ‘curator’ or the one having the final say!  I have also been approached on more than one occasion about bringing BIC to the stage … so I guess there is always that chance. 

Michael Ciravolo