BIC BLOG 10/12/19

I would like to thank everyone that wrote us concerned about our safety due to the wildfires here in the Los Angles area. Thankfully we are all fine. It did not get no where near as close to us like the fires of a year or so back that were literally 200 yards from our house. Wildfires are eerily similar to hurricanes which I grew up with in New Orleans. You actually have to hope/pray that they turn elsewhere… which means towards other peoples homes and property.

Mr. Rozon and I spent a few nights this week at SAINTinLA studio, importing vocals into the tracks. Red Wine and excitement led me to post some lyrics a few nights ago … letting on that one of the new songs will feature Curse Mackey. He has penned a song with us called ‘a kind cruelty’ which sits uptempo and dark, alongside the other songs on our upcoming record. Curse will be on tour later this month with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Check out the tour dates HERE. He will also be joining the legendary industrial supergroup Pigface on tour. (dates here). Busy boy, but we are working out our schedules to film a video for this song in the not-so-distant future.

We delved deep and hard last night into the sixth and (note to self) final track for the next record … which does have a title, but the coffee is not making me tell you :) After some initial reservations if it would ‘fit’ with the tone/mood of the record … some twisted and dark guitar textures sealed the deal.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I did a bit of guitar recording for a friend. Well The Faces Of Sarah’s new EP is out! I was blessed to add some guitar to a beautiful song called ‘Cimmerean Shade’. It’s really a wonderful record and if there was more time, I would have loved to have played more. “Positive Revenge’ is available HERE, and I strongly suggest adding this to your collection. Great songs by great people.

Our dear friends and BIC mainstays Ashton Nyte and Wayne Hussey continue their Euro tour. Ashton has only a few more dates, and then the lovely Evi Vine rejoins Wayne for the remaining dates HERE.


The ‘ Ogio Twins ’ at the base of Pisa!

The ‘Ogio Twins’ at the base of Pisa!

Michael Ciravolo