MONDAY Q&A 9/24/18

Q:  I have been following your progress and process of recording your record via your blog almost since you started recording.  Really enjoyed to behind the scenes look and the sound snips!  How do you feel now that the record is finally ready for release?


A:  Well thank you!  We had a lot of fun sharing the journey.  Lots of feelings this week I guess.  Relief and disbelief are two that come to mind!  It has been a long process for sure and I’m excited to finally share what we have created.  Looking forward to hearing what people think about it.  I know I am really happy with what we made.  Sort of strange now that the ‘creative’ part of the record is done. Now it’s the logistics of getting the album out in all formats to everyone.  I honestly had no idea of the administration that came with this!  It’s certainly a different ballgame now in this ‘business’, but I am blessed to have a great PR company, Shameless Promotion PR, helping spread the word world-wide as well as all of the great artists and friends that are part of BIC. I am trying to balance this part of releasing a record with actually some ‘creative’ …  we are going to be shooting a video in a few weeks for ‘Look Up’, again working with director Vicente Cordero (who did our ‘storm’ video).  Also looking into the possibility of a few more videos, including  ‘Man Of Faith’.   I’m also putting some attention on “beauty re-envisoned”; our follow-up to FBIC. Several more artists and a supercool DJ have agreed to do re-mixes, so I’m getting excited about this record too, hoping to have it out in March 2019.  Finally, just getting around to setting up a small writing studio at home, collecting some new ‘gadgets’ to start some new songs that will continue to BIC evolution! …. X MC

Michael Ciravolo