MONDAY Q&A 8/20/18


Q: I really love the single Storm from you album. I was going to pre-order the album but wanted to see if it was going to be available as a CD?

A; Well thank you very much! We are really happy with all of the great comments and positive response we have received for ‘Storm’. I’d like to mention we are shooting a video for the song this weekend and should debut it in early September!  As for your question .. oh hell yeah! CD and Double vinyl !! I was really considering NOT doing it as a digital version, but I know that my ‘stance’ on that would not be productive in the end.  One of the big reasons I decided to go with the upstart label 33.3 MUSIC COLLECTIVE, besides them being great guys, is their love of vinyl records. I few of the other indie labels that expressed interest in BIC had a ‘let’s see how it does first’ mentality towards making FBIC available in vinyl form. So we are doing a really nice limited edition double record with really cool packaging. We got to visit Rainbo Records last week, which is where we will be pressing the vinyl and CD. A really cool process by people who seem to really care about the craft that goes into it.  It was cool to see them running THE CURE’s “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" on the press our record will be on!

Pre-Order details for the CD and vinyl coming soon!!!

Michael Ciravolo