STUDIO LOG 7/28/18

Light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!   Michael and I are at it at this very moment, doing the final vocal touches and effects on 'the long goodbye'.  This lush track features a great vocal performance by The Mission's WAYNE HUSSEYEVI VINE (who has performed and recorded with The Mission) and The Awakening's ASHTON NYTE add some beautiful harmonies. 

As we head into August, Michael Rozon will have a few weeks to live with and do final mix tweaks on all fourteen songs.  We just got this very cool 'stereo transmitter' that will allow us to broadcast the mixes and actually hear them in Michael's car in the parking lot outside the studio. This will allow us to do real-time adjustments as opposed to burning a CD after each minor change.  He knows his car stereo real well and this gives us extra confidence in our mixes.  Then the full record will be mastered for both Digital and Vinyl releases.

I have also finalized the track running order, which also works well on all 4 sides of the 12" vinyl! The cover photo for 'finding beauty in chaos' is completed and is exactly how I envisioned over a year ago!  BIG thanks to Sarah Sheriff and JI.

We are thrilled to announce that Shameless Promotion PR is now part of the BIC team and will begin spreading the word world-wide! 

I unfortunately missed the MBV show 😡, but have tickets in hand for RUBY!

... lots still to do but the excitement is welling!

Every kiss with you felt like the first
when innocence was just a word
And not something precious, 
something rare, too raw to lose

'The Long Goodbye'




Michael Ciravolo