MONDAY Q&A 7/16/18


Q:  I enjoy your guitar playing very much, and I have the new HUMAN DRAMA album ‘Broken Songs’.  Your guitar approach is minimalist on this album, but with some memorable guitar solos.  Will your record feature more guitar?

A:  Thank you for the kind words.  In the context of Human Drama, there is a lot more instrumentation to ‘fit’ in a mix, so the electric guitars, at least on this album had to be a bit sparser .  As I have been pretty consumed in the making of the BIC record, I haven’t really listened to ‘Broken Songs’ lately , but I do think there are some nice guitar bits on that record.  As far as the guitar approach on ‘finding beauty in chaos’, it was never my intention to do a ‘guitar album’ per say, and while there are LOTS of guitars on this record, FBIC is certainly a collection of songs … not guitar solos!  We set out to create the best possible songs with the amazing artists are involved.  There are certainly are some brash, chaotic guitars across this record, but there are also a wide array of beautiful tones and textures.  We used a wide array of guitars, effect pedals and out-board gear to expand well beyond the normal ‘rock n’ roll’ guitar sound!   I am beyond proud of what we created and look forward to expanding and exploring where BEAUTY IN CHAOS goes next!


Michael Ciravolo