STUDIO LOG 6/23/18

about 90% finished with the mix on the dUg Pinnick/Ice-T fueled 'Un-Natural Disaster'!  Amazing to see and hear Mr. Rozon work his magic,  This bombastic track swirls, grooves and pulses courtesy of Mr. dUg Pinnick's bass and my long time friend, The Offspring's Pete Parada's slammin' chaotic drums.   Actually one of the album's most chaotic guitar solos reside in this track too :)

We also got the tracks for another re-mix, sung by MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen packaged and 'Logic-ready' to Mark Gemini Thwaite.  Looking forward to hearing what pounding dance floor mayhem MGT does on this!

I am writing the week's studio log from the beautiful Oregon coast, where I am blessed to be with my family for a few days.   I have brought a newly acquired portable recording set-up and some electronics to start some ideas for BIC3.   MR is doing some final tweaks on 'un-natural disaster' and will be starting work on 'bloodless and fragile', one of if not my favorite song on FBIC.  Dreary, dark ... yet  triumphant... can't wait to hear where this one sits when I'm back next week.

More work via internet on sleeve designs and cover, which is even more inspiring looking at the Pacific Ocean!  God-willing;  we are still on track for a mid-september release !!



Michael Ciravolo