MONDAY MC Q&A 3/9/18


Q:  I see you mention you will be making a vinyl album of BEAUTY IN CHAOS which I am very happy to hear.  What do you think about the new interest in records and the quality of the sound?

A:  Great timing on your question as I actually just set-up my turntable system yesterday!  Yes, from the beginning I have been adamant about releasing ‘finding beauty in chaos’ on vinyl.  Maybe I’m being a bit nostalgic, but I love the idea of holding an actual record and the jacket.  Vinyl does have a ‘sound’ that I think is definitely missing on digital formats.  I hear the ‘space’ and the overall dynamic range being crushed, especially in the MP3 world.  That said, younger listeners are used to everything being LOUD.  This has trickled into the remaster world as old, great sounding records have been remastered and ‘modernized’ to compete next to a CD or digi release.  I think it is two different worlds.  Michael Rozon and I plan to mi and master the BIC stuff for vinyl and separately for the digital releases.  This is something we are really excited and passionate about.  We are fortunate to have meet some people that are album lovers and want to start a ‘vinyl label’. They want ‘finding beauty in chaos’ to be their debut release and are excited that it will actually be a double album.  It is great that they are not suggesting we cut the album down for the vinyl release.  The record of course will be available in the standard digital formats, but I have a few ideas rolling around in my brain to give the listener the experience that I had with ‘’london calling’ or ‘dark side of the moon’ …. ⚜️ 

Michael Ciravolo