STUDIO LOG 4-28-18

strange yet productive week in not only the studio but my life.  My beautiful mom Bonnie passed on this day 34 years ago.  Still miss her so and this album will most certainly be dedicated to her and my Dad.  Also took the nights not in the studio mixing 'beauty lies within' ... which we are completing today, to watch two documentaries that I knew at some point I needed to watch.  "Besides Bowie' and 'Looking for Johnny'.  Mick Ronson and Johnny Thunders are the two most influential guitarists to me and I would like to think some hear their influence in my playing.  The non-recognition or at least financial reward of Ronson's work with Bowie and the rampant drug abuse that destroyed Thunders is certainly hard to watch.

Ashton Nyte, who has co-written 3 tracks on this record will be in town next week, so Michael and I's plan is to move to the mix of 'Bloodless and Fragile' next.  This is arguably my favorite song on FBIC so it will be great to have him involved in the mix. 

Some amazing and unexpected words came this week from The Cure's Simon Gallup about his involvement in BIC.  If you didn't read it, please see it here.  Still a bit surreal. I think it got to Wayne Hussey a tad too :) 

My dear friend; composer Tyler Bates also was kind enough to have has oldest daughter Lola, play the grand piano on a version of 'The Long Goodbye' during a scoring session at famed Capitol Studios Wayne and I are working a'reprise' version of this song for the 'beauty re-envisioned' release.   

Michael and I also finished the mix of 'beauty lies within', co-written with Human Drama's Johnny Indovina. Turns out I am not as good as math as I thought, as this record will have 14 tracks, not 13!  I still think we are on a mix path to have 'finding beauty in chaos' released early September.  This would certainly add to an already amazing September, as both of Tish and I's amazing daughters will be heading off to college.

Blessed man I am indeed,..

Michael Ciravolo