MONDAY MC Q&A 4/16/18


Q: When can we expect your album to be available to buy? And when will we get to see you play live?

A: We are about a 1/3 of the way thru mixing the album, and about the same on the ‘re-envisioned’ project. It is a tedious project, as most of the songs have a lot of ‘layers’ to create the sound I wanted without using any synths. The goal is to have ‘finding beauty in chaos’ out by Sept 1st (at least the CD and download version with vinyl to follow) and ‘re-envisioned’ in early 2019.
As far as live BEAUTY IN CHAOS, it was never something I thought possible… but who knows, maybe a can find a way to do a few special shows with several of the singers involved. I do hope to be playing guitar live with GENE LOVES JEZEBEL on quite a few shows this summer on the ‘lost ‘80s live’ tour. GLJ’s founder Michael Aston co-wrote and sings ‘road to rosario’ on the BIC album, which is tentatively slated as the album’s opening track

Michael Ciravolo