Q: Why are you doing this project with different singers; and how is it that all different and beautiful singular voices can come together to make a whole?

A: Well, not being a real singer or lyricist myself, I knew from the conception of BEAUTY IN CHAOS that I would need to co-write with vocalists. Between my time with Human Drama and GLJ, and also my position at Schecter Guitar; I had become friends with some extremely talented artist. It is a great feeling that so many gave their time and talents to be part of this. Having these artists treat me as their 'equal' was pretty special… as several of these guys records (Cheap Trick, The Cure, Ministry, and The Mission) spent a lot of time on my turntable. With 7 or 8 different and distinct singers on this record, the common thread is the music and textures. Each singer involved with told the name of the project and a quick idea of why. I think there is an underlying thread of 'hope' that runs throughout … or at least I like to think so! When finished, 'finding beauty in chaos' will be a diverse record … certainly a few heavy bombastic tracks, but some beautiful ambient songs too. I hope it challenges the listener a bit … I do feel there is an overall feeling, color and 'vibe' to it, much like a feel listening to an album like The Cure's Disintegration ⚜️

Michael Ciravolo