BIC BLOG 12/29/18

Well 2018 is almost in the books and what a wonderful year it has been. Both of our daughters are healthy and thriving in college and the album that has been inside me for years is now 3-months old! I have a lot of people I want to thank (and I pray I don’t miss anyone … and if I do, I am extremely sorry), but let me get the news/BIC-biz out of the way here first!

Got to hear a couple more very cool remixes/interpretations for ‘beauty re-envisioned’, including Kevin Kipnis’s take on ‘Drifting Away’, which has some beautiful added voices courtesy of Ms. Betsy Martin. Also, 33.3 Music Collective is still running several $ales on ‘finding beauty in chaos’ in various formats (thru 1/2/19), so if you have been dreaming about owning your very own Vinyl or CD copy … now is the time. GO HERE! Also, if you haven’t checked out the BIC MERCH STORE, please do so as new items have been added!

So here’s what really important! I would like to THANK everyone that has bought the album. I know owning physical copies of music is not necessarily the ‘way it is done now’ , but it means a lot.

This record would not have been possible without the love and support of my wife and daughters, who never complained about the long studio hours I spent. My dear friend and BIC Producer, Michael Rozon; who pushed and encouraged and spent countless hours making this record sound brilliant… This record would still be in my head if not for you! As I have said many times, this record is far, far more than my ‘solo’ album. Much thanks and love to these amazing artists that gave their time, voice, lyrics and talent to be part of BEAUTY IN CHAOS. In no particular orderTish Ciravolo, Ashton Nyte, Wayne Hussey, Simon Gallup, Robin Zander, Evi Vine, Betsy Martin, dUg Pinnick, Kevin Kipnis, Michael Aston, Dirk Doucette, Al Jourgensen, Pando, Pete Parada, Rudy Matchinga, Michael Anthony, Marc Danzeisen, Eric Wood, Johnny Indovina and Ice-T!

Big thanks to Tim Perry and David Ehlers of 33.3 Music Collective for their belief and support to make this record available … on VINYL and COMPACT DISCS!

To Shauna at Shameless Promotion Pr for spreading the word world-wide!

Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films … for making three killer videos with us. More to come!!

Ms. Anabel DFLux for her beautiful pics!

Andy Cousin and Lisa Jane Mires of the Andy Cousin Show for their belief and being the first to play us!

Ms. Emma Newby for her hard work manning BIC-EUROPE!

To all the magazines, web sites and radio stations that believed in and supported BIC … including Judy Lyon and Michael Mitchell (Torched), Ryan Martin (Jammerzine), Vicky Carroll (The Big Issue), DJMac (Woody Radio), Mike Dimitriou (Noise Journal and Loud Cities Radio), Paul Scott (Louder Than War). Sar Blackthron (CVLT Nation), Alex Baker (, Mike Pougounas (Blackout Radio) , Brett Holdaway ( [sic] Magazine), Alex Hunter ( I Want My RZB), Richard (Tomatrax) ,Jen Dan (The Big Takeover) and Victoria Pearson (Bombshell Radio ) !!!

Also all of the friends and fans of Human Drama and Gene Loves Jezebel for their kindness , acceptance and support in spreading the word of this record … especially Patty, Sergio, Megan, Japhet, Letizia, Lauri, Eddie, Melanie and Maren,

Again, so sorry if I missed anyone here…. much love for a Blessed 2019! I really look forward to seeing where BEAUTY IN CHAOS will evolve.


Michael Ciravolo