BIC BLOG 12/22/18

Another wonderful creative week here!

As Michael and I work to put together all of the pieces for what will become ‘beauty re-envisoned’, we got to hear a great interpretation of ‘I Will Follow You’, this time courtesy of Evi Vine and Stephen Hill. So loving all of diversity of the mixes!

Today in the studio is pretty special and another one of those surreal moments that we are Blessed to have. around Beauty In Chaos. Marc Bolan’s son, Rolan, is in the studio with us today singing one of his Dad’s classics. It will be a perfect bookend to our other versions of ‘20th Century Boy’! All About Eve and Mission bassist, Andy Cousin lent his bass work to this one… and we are working on possibly adding some additional instrumentation to highlight this soulful-rock rendition.. Stay tuned… but having an actual Bolan on this song is pretty amazing. I would like to think Marc would be proud.

I have to add that our label, 33.3 Music Collective is offering a cool end-of-the-year special on ‘finding beauty in chaos’ … all three formats (double vinyl, CD and digital) for one low price HERE.

Well short and sweet today … but since I am not very PC, I would like to wish everyone a



Michael Ciravolo