MONDAY Q&A 12-10-18



Q:   I have read a few interviews where you mentioned using ‘limitations’ in the recording of the Beauty In Chaos record.  What were they and what will you do on the future records?


A:  Yes… when I set out to do ‘finding beauty in chaos’, I set do rules or ‘limitations’, not out of ego, but as a personal challenge to myself.  For this album, it was simply I would play all of the guitars and that all of the sonic textures (and Lord knows there are a LOT on this record) would be created from guitars … ie: the ‘no synthesizers used’ rule was  put in place ☺    As for the next record, I know it won’t be either of those, as I am indeed looking forward to working with some other guitarists and using some synths.  Maybe I’ll limit the amount of tracks we use or something.  Hopefully it will come to me. MC x


Michael Ciravolo