MONDAY Q&A 11/26/18

Q:  It seems that your album has been very well received, and I personally think it is the best album I have heard in several years.  Do you feel pressure to follow it up?


A:  Well thank you for your kind words about the album!  I am certainly very proud of what we created.  I guess I have not thought too much about the follow-up record being in the shadow of the debut release.  We have the ‘re-mix’ record in process (Beauty Re-Envisioned) and should have that out in early March.  I guess that does give me a bit of a cushion to see where the next album of new material goes.  I have started on a few ideas, and I am still searching for what my self-imposed ‘limitations’ will be on this one.  I have discussed with a few of the singers from FBIC about being involved on the next record and they are onboard. I do hope whatever ‘critical acclaim’ or press this record has generated will open the door to some new artists being part of BEAUTY IN CHAOS. I do know it will be a bit different than FBIC. Fingers crossed!! MC x

Michael Ciravolo