MONDAY MC Q&A 11/19/18

Q:  I keep reading about the next album being a ‘remix’ record?  Can you tell me why a remix record next and when will there be new Beauty In Chaos material?


A;  Yes, we plan on releasing ‘beauty re-envisioned’ in March 2019.   Honestly, the idea of this record was totally an ‘accident’.  What I mean by that is I was introduced to Tim Palmer by Wayne Hussey while they were mixing The Mission’s ‘Another Fall From Grace’ at Tim’s Austin studio.  Tim and I got on well and after a few drinks I summoned the nerve to ask one of my favorite all-time producers if he would consider mixing a song.  We sent Tim both of the songs that Wayne had written with me. In my excitement that Tim loved both songs and was onboard to mix, I sort of forget to tell him my self-imposed rules I had placed on ‘finding beauty in chaos’ of no keyboards and no ‘other’ guitarists.  When we got the mixes back of ‘Man Of Faith’ and ‘The Long Goodbye’, both which sounded amazing .. Tim had added some very cool guitar and synth parts!  Not wanting to tell Tim Palmer to pull off these parts and remix both tracks, the idea of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ was born.  I then reached out to John Fryer and Mark Gemini Thwaite, both friends that I knew did remixes.  It just sort of evolved from there, with many other great artists lending their talents.  Knowing now it was a ‘remix’ style record, Tim even did a very cool take of our first single ‘Storm’.  What started as probably an EP continues to grow, with some very different interpretations of many of the songs, and also some completely new versions of several of the tracks, which I think will surprise many listeners.  As far as new BIC material, I have already begun kicking around a few song ideas, nothing concrete yet … but a lot of thinking  on what the next self-imposed ‘limitations’ will be!  Would love to have new material out before the end of next year. Michael Rozon will also be doing the next MINISTRY record, so I know I need to get busy!! MC x

Michael Ciravolo