MONDAY Q&A 10/15/18

Q:  Can you tell me what your favorite guitar solo on the album is?


A:  Wow, never really thought about it in that context, as there is so much guitar on the album.  I guess I view the guitars as foundation for what each singer did on top.

In terms of what would be considered in terms of a ‘lead’ guitar part … I think the solo ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ is pretty maniac and off-the-cuff, as that was actually one take, put it in the bank like Frank Sinatra!  I think a guitar player friend of mine actually said ‘wow you can really play’.  I had to laugh at that!  I also like the vibe and what we got on the ‘Memory Of Love’ solo.  Honestly my favorite solo section is on ‘Look Up’, a very non-traditional part, but that’s what I love about it, it’s very ‘violin/viola like’ in the sound and approach .. whatever that means! 😊

Michael Ciravolo